Award-winning children's author

I have hidden this title - we can bring it back...

Welcome to my website. I am Emily Smith, author of a range of books for readers of about seven years and upwards.

Magic or adventure, mystery or mayhem—whatever your tastes in books, there should be something to suit you. But all my books should make you laugh (and one or two might make you cry...).
I have won prizes (yay!) and was a runner-up in the Blue Peter Award (which was fun).

I am currently working on my new series The Days of Feere - watch this space!

My Books

I have published a range of books for young readers. The six Young Corgi titles (nice covers, aren't they?) are suitable for about six to ten. And the three Orchard Books titles (the last three on the Books page) are for about nine and up...


Astrid, The Au-Pair From Outer Space

Astrid arrives in the lives of Harry and Fred—and nothing is ever the same again. Well, it wouldn’t be, would it, if you had an au pair from outer space? (This book won the Silver Smarties award.) Tony Robinson reads the audio-tape brilliantly.

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The Shrimp

The Shrimp

A book about a boy called Ben Shrimpton. Dear Ben Shrimpton. What happened to him? Well, you’ll have to read the book, won’t you? (This title won the Smarties Gold.) Tony Robinson also reads this one.

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