About Me

Oh, what to say…?

It’s a job to make myself sound interesting, frankly. I am married with three children–who all have their tiresome moments, believe me. We live in Oxfordshire, about half an hour’s drive from Oxford.

I fell off my bike recently, turning too sharply when it was icy. So be warned, and turn gently when it’s getting sub-zero…

We have no pets (now the heron has eaten all the goldfish). And I have no hobbies, apart from shouting at my laptop.

We have a wonderful mobile library, which turns up like something in a fairy-tale. But worryingly I have lost a library book called Vegetables. (I’ve spent hours looking—I think it must have fallen behind something.)

I belong to a book club, and I have a nasty feeling I am the annoying one.

Other interests–well. Right now they include the bird-table, plant families, running round a field–and German (a German governess is coming up in one of my books).

I once wrote a short story about our silent ‘K’. (I recall knickers came into it, but in a very tasteful way.) Germans do not have one. They DO have a sense of humour—but they DON’T have a silent ‘K’. So it’s ‘kniff’ and ‘knopf’ and ‘knorpelig’ (which means ‘gristly’—I’ll definitely try and get that one in my book…).

I am not interested in anything that requires getting into very cold water.

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