When Mum Threw Out The Telly

Shortlisted for the Blue Peter Book Awards 2004

Jeff is a telly-addict, so one day Mum, fed up with being ignored while Jeff stares mesmerised at the screen, gets rid of the TV. Now Jeff won’t be able to watch the hit new show, Cybernauts, and can’t join in the post-show discussions at school. He’s also missing his best friend, who has just moved away, but finds it hard to make new friends, as the boys he wants to hang around with spend all their time talking about Cybernauts. Only Henry seems to have no interest in the show. Without a TV, Jeff starts to do more interesting things and in the library makes friends with Dizzi, a lively girl. Dizzi finds out about Jeff’s interest in Cybernauts and enters his name to be a contestant. Jeff gets on to the programme and, thanks in part to the things he has learnt in the library, wins the show. Now his mum decides she will have to get a new TV so she can watch him winning the show. However Jeff by now has discovered there is more to life than telly…


“A hoot from start to finish. Genuinely funny with humour ranging from subtle to slapstick … will entertain lots of children and could prove a success with reluctant male readers.” (School Librarian)