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Astrid, The Au-Pair From Outer Space

Astrid arrives in the lives of Harry and Fred—and nothing is ever the same again. Well, it wouldn’t be, would it, if you had an au pair from outer space? (This book won the Silver Smarties award.) Tony Robinson reads the audio-tape brilliantly.

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The Shrimp

The Shrimp

A book about a boy called Ben Shrimpton. Dear Ben Shrimpton. What happened to him? Well, you’ll have to read the book, won’t you? (This title won the Smarties Gold.) Tony Robinson also reads this one.

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Patrick the Party-Hater

Fear of parties seems to ring a bell with a lot of people. And it just adds insult to injury—oh, the irony!–that you’re SUPPOSED to be enjoying yourself…

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Read this one too. Mums tend to like it…

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Annie and the Aliens

I…ahem…nicked the plot for this one. (Sad to say, I know, but authors can be awful nickers.) I got it from a writer called F Anstey (and I’m in for a shock if he complains, as he died 80 years ago).

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The Good Manners Prize

My first ever book (a young reader). I think the title pretty much says it all. (It’s getting tricky to find a copy now…)

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When Mum Threw Out The Telly

How COULD she? But she did. Find out what happened next to Jeff—his cool friends, and his not so cool friends…
Shortlisted for the Blue Peter Book Awards 2004

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What Howls at the Moon in Frilly Knickers

An early work. And be warned—there are some very bad jokes in this book. What was I thinking? Well, the jokes are sort of SUPPOSED to be bad. But this bad…?

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A Stain on the Stone, paperback edition

A Stain on the Stone

A mystery story set in Oxford. Oh, yes. It got some nice reviews. (And thanks, Mrs Millers, whoever you are, for your recent review* on Amazon–though I can’t claim credit for the fast delivery.)

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* All my reviews are genuine, and none of my children have written any of them—unlike some authors I could mention (with nicer children).