Other Writing

There are various Emily Smith short stories and poems scattered about the place.

My most successful poem ‘A Slip of the Tongue’ is about something I said at school when I was about six. Oh, how they laughed at me! I thought I was the only person to do this in the history of the world, but when I started visiting schools, I found out–I wasn’t. In fact it happens all the time. I might put ‘A Slip of the Tongue’ on this website so you can see what I said. If you haven’t already guessed…

Short stories are brilliant—nice and short, for a start. I will be writing more. And if anyone has a copy of Wow! 366, published by Scholastic, I’d love to put ‘Bronze’ (I think that’s what my story’s called) on this website. (Like an idiot, I gave my copy of WOW! 366 away…)

I have written stuff for radio too, but so far nada. I even wrote a trial script for The Archers. The high point of this was Helen saying, “And once you’ve cut rhubarb, you can’t put it back together again!” Read it and weep. (Well, actually you can’t, as I’ve lost it. Or rather my husband lost it, though he says he didn’t. There’s been a bit of shouting about this, believe me…)